Preparation Course P.P.C Police/Fire (P.A.R.E.)

TopShape's  P.A.R.E / Prep course has had many successful candidates graduate from national, provincial and local police and fire academies.

TopShape Fitness Studio has developed a unique program to help candidates achieve the maximum fitness results in the minimum amount of time before undertaking physical testing.

We offer programs each tailored to reduce excess fat, improve muscle tone,build endurance,strength and boost confidence while at the same time preparing you for the specifics of each organizations specific requirements!

TopShape has extensive experience in designing effective training programs to fit any individual. Our P.A.R.E./ Prep course is no different! If you want to give yourself the best possible chance at passing these courses. Call us today!

Each program includes:

  • Unlimited access to an expert trainer.                    .
  • Training in our private fitness studio.
  • Cardiovascular program.
  • Progress reports
  • Motivational training                                                                              .
  • Speed and agility training.

How much time do you need?
That really depends upon how far you are from your goals - ideally, the more time you have the better shape we can get you into! Typically 3 months of incorporating free weights, machines, indoor and outdoor cardio, med ball and fit ball training is our most popular program.

Warning: This program will test you physically and mentally, but when you attend the test, you will be ready!!



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